We ship more than 3,000,000 B2C parcels and 500,000 B2B shipments each year, in all formats, from letters to multi-pallet charters.

We work with 18 national or international carriers, we also charter carriers for specific operations and we even have our own vehicles and drivers at our subsidiary in Reunion Island.

The transport partners we have selected allow us to offer our clients the full range of transport services required for their activities

Our transport contracts

For our customers who have their own transport contracts, we use their account numbers so that they can be invoiced directly by their service provider.

For those who prefer to use our transport contracts, we select transport according to 3 methods:

  • The customer pushes us the orders with an imposed transport code (for example the web merchants who have already made their own customers choose a delivery formula)
  • The customer simply pushes us a mode of transport (express/messenger or home/ relay points) and lets us choose the most adapted formula in this mode.
  • The customer lets us choose the transport and we have to guarantee that we have chosen the most competitive solution.


There are many criteria to choose from and our role is to offer our expertise to our clients.

The advantages of our transport solutions

  • Our mail, parcel and pallet service providers make one or more pick-ups every day at our various warehouses between 11am and 5pm.
  • We are interfaced with our carriers by web service to generate our transport labels with address control, transport plan and control of the availability of relay points under 48 hours.


  • We use the Urbantz TMS to optimize our delivery routes, notify recipients, geolocate our drivers and provide them with scanning, photo-taking and sign-in applications.
  • We work with Ovrsea digital freight forwarder for our import and customs clearance operations EXW, FOB and CIF.
  • We have developed Colitrace, our own tracking application that allows our after-sales service (internal call center of 10 positions) to secure deliveries, make appointments, control the tracking status reported by carriers and manage incidents.


About Colitrace

  • Colitrace retrieves tracking status in real time via web service and performs various checks.
  • Once the tracking statuses have been checked and corrected, the transport service team takes charge of monitoring deliveries, managing incidents, disputes and misdirected shipments,informing recipients and making appointments.

  • Our after-sales service consists of a team of 10 operators in our internal call center. Each operator makes between 150 and 300 calls per day. A duty shift is held every Saturday. The statuses are therefore constantly changing on our IS, even on weekends.

Extranet, Service & Reporting

Extranet for tracking
of deliveries

The traceability of the shipments is updated in real time by our after-sales service and can be consulted online on our Geolie extranet.

After-sales service dedicated
to transport

The missions of the after-sales service are defined with each customer according to his needs with graduations of typical interventions.

The reporting

The reporting transmitted to the customers contains the dashboards relating to the follow-up of the transport activity.