A pioneer in the field, Logsytech launched its own call center in 2004 and offers its customers daily traceability .

The work of the operational staff stops when the truck doors close. Then the work of the transport service begins, which will follow each parcel or pallet until its final delivery.

The after-sales service team is made up of a dozen employees organized in an internal call center. They detect anomalies upstream and intervene in incidents, they organize appointments, they follow up recipients who do not collect their parcels before the end of the instances in relay points, they open investigations and manage requests for refunds.

In the end, 8% of the statuses automatically reported by the carriers are modified by our after-sales service, because they were wrong, or incomplete, or arrived too late.

We cannot imagine offering our logistics services without this additional service.


3000 à 4000
calls per day

Located in France,
in Lieusaint (77)

What our call-center brings you

Control of
tracking status

We check the traceability status reports transmitted by the carriers and correct erroneous or late statuses by calling the recipients directly or by intervening with the carriers.

of instances

We call all the customers whose parcel is pending in post office or relay point to encourage them to withdraw their parcel and avoid useless returns.


We provide our customers with indigo lines allowing us to manage incoming call flows.


Our customer service can intervene at our customers' points of sale to verify the correct installation of the POS and ILV that have been shipped to them.

& Reporting

The call center can intervene with department managers and auxiliary sales forces to train them in the use of POS or equipment that has been sent to them.


We can offer our customers satisfaction surveys on products we have shipped.

Taking of

We contact our customers' sales forces to submit questionnaires on operations they have performed with equipment we have shipped to them.