Our services for telecom, internet and fiber operators andconnected equipment distributors

Serialized management

Cell phones,
Sim cards,
Set-top boxes,
Home automation and security equipments.

Delivery to subscribers and B2C customers

Deliveries at home, in relay points or in points of sale (Web to shop).

Supply of the points of sale

Quota management,
Appro push/pull.

Customized fabrications

Customized routing,
Sim card or smart card kits,
Mobile/Sim pairings,
Visual marketing management and blistering.

Provisioning & Settings

Settings and provisioning of mobiles, routers, remote controls, implementation of software and applications.

Deployment of network equipment

Delivery of complete or cut fiber reels, network antenna cabinets and various equipment to agencies or construction sites.

Supply of network intervention teams

Supply of the necessary equipment in agencies or on intervention sites.

Tri-testing & Refurbishing of boxes and decoders

Tri-testing benches,
Hull changes,
Reconditioning with new connectors.

Mobile testing, manuals and software

Cosmetics and grades, ignition test, touch LCD, buttons, connectors, touch ID, HP, battery, reset, DFU, blackbelt tests, cleaning.

Management of mobile swaps and boxes

Exchange of equipment at home or in relay points,
Control of the completeness of the returned equipment,
Reuse of packaging.

Management of spares parks

Management and provisioning of router and server fleets for corporate customers,
Express delivery within the framework of recovery obligations.

Management of PMS and manufacturers' after-sales services

Qualification of failures at start-up,
Management of loan equipment and manufacturer after-sales service returns within the framework of guarantees.

Management of equipment fleets in rental mode

Follow-up of the rented equipment park throughout the return/recommissioning cycle,
Adapted settings and refurbishing.

Our product expertise


IMEI management,
Management of mobile packs with insertion and pairing of SIM cards,
Cell phone parameterization and software implementation,
Cleaning, software testing and cosmetic grading of reconditioned phones,
Reset, flashing, DFU mode and IOS/Android updates,
Management of PMA and after sales service under warranty.

Boxes & Internet set-top boxes

Management by serial number,
Sorting tests, reset,
Hull change,

Sim Cards

Management at ICCID,
Integration under Luhn's algorithm.


Serial number management,
Software testing and cosmetic grading of reconditioned tablets.

Telephony accessories

Phone cases,
Memory cards,
Soaked glasses,
Apple Watch,
Google Home,
Mini box 4G kits CPL,

Audio speakers

Secure preparation.

Connected TVs

Serial number management
FIFO management,
Management of non-standard pallets,
Storage on the floor,

Home automation boxes

Serial number management,
GPS units,
Energy consumption boxes.

Connected objects

Management by serial number,
FIFO management,
Management of returns.

Game consoles

Secure preparation.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Management and follow-up of serial numbers,
Management of returns in case of customer request,