Our services for sales departments and marketing agencies

Point of sale animations

Logistics shipping and return of animation kits,

Sales force

Supply of sales forces with POS/ILV, in push or pull mode, in storage boxes, remote depots or directly at the point of sale.


Deployments of POS/ILV on point of sales networks,
Management of replenishment,
Follow-up of POS implementations,
Provision of online ordering interfaces.


Logistics for our clients' trade shows and events,
Stand installation,
Assembly of furniture,
Recovery of equipment,
Testing and restarting of operations.

ODR - Rewards

Parameterization of reimbursement offers,
Compliance check,
Bulk transfers or premium mailings.


Preparation and distribution of sampling kits.

Sales force management

Remote training for use or assembly of stands and equipment,
On-site control of POP installation.

Returns management

Control of returned BIS,
Cleaning of uniforms,
Restoration of stands,
Reinstatement in stock.

Follow-up of deliveries

Traceability of kit or POS deliveries before the dates of the event or operation,
Notifications of animations not assigned on D-10, kits or POS not received on D-3.

Management of electrical equipment or household appliances of demonstration

Creation of unique barcodes to track each piece of equipment,
Testing and restocking.

Our product expertise

Animation outfits

Return control,
Test and cleaning.

Discount coupons

Serial number control of returns and reconciliation of numbers distributed in store,
CSD management.

Animation stand

Control of returns,
Cleaning and reinstatement of stocks.

Listener gifts

Management of high value gifts (PlayStation, IPhone, etc.),
Secure tracking of deliveries.


Management of fragile packaging.

Displays & Furniture

Editing videos,
Reassembly of control in return of professional shows.

Marketing visuals (Kakemonos, posters, leaflets)

Preparation of deployment on the customer's point of sale networks.

Samples and tastings

Returns and control of the functioning of the tasting devices,
Management of shelf life,
Management of tasting equipment.

Equipment for exhibitions and events

Preparation of material for event tours,
Chartering of dedicated transport,
Resupply of event teams during the tour.