By entrusting us with their products, our customers honor us with their trust. We have therefore the obligation to manage with the greatest rigor the stocks of which we are the guardians. The transparency of information is also a guarantee of this trust. Our teams know that far from being a constraint, rigor is on the contrary a source of productivity.


One of our main strengths is our agility in managing our clients' needs. We have made this our way of thinking and operating, because each client has its own specific issues. Our human-sized teams are dedicated to managing their operational constraints.


Innovation is at the heart of our continuous improvement process because it is the best way to differentiate ourselves in a constantly changing market. Innovation is a way of thinking at all levels of the group and is a source of motivation for our teams, who see the group evolve with each new idea that is put into production.


Logsytech's teams are driven by a common desire to share information, experience and resources. Even between the different sites, the best practices, but also the material and human resources are shared, thus promoting a great versatility among our employees.

Listen to

Because we have always prioritized partnership over service, we have made listening a vector of development, a means of improving and anticipating the needs of our customers.

Shared performance

Our aim is to build a sustainable win-win relationship with our customers based on relevant and efficient solutions and services, constantly re-evaluated within progress plans aimed at improving efficiency over time.

Vision of the future

For several years now, we have been developing our logistics services and know-how in line with the developments described below, which represent our vision for the future.

The circular economy and product reparability will advance considerably...

For several years, we have been developing reverse logistics, sorting and repackaging services that are environmentally friendly and generate savings for our customers.

The costs of recycling waste will inevitably increase...

This will require us to reduce packaging. We are already developing services using reusable and returnable packaging.

Rental modes will develop to the detriment of traditional consumption.

We have learned today to manage fleets of products with multiple lives rather than shipments of goods.

E-commerce will continue to grow...

1 billion parcels per year +15% per year. Today, it represents 50% of our turnover.

Retailers and pure players will converge...

The omnichannel nature of sales channels is inevitable. We are developing more and more diversified services: ship from store, click and collect, virtual relay points, same day delivery or in a tight two-hour window.

The increase in BtoC flows will inevitably saturate city centers...

Municipalities will then favor green deliveries or urban logistics spaces. We are currently developing our own delivery solution in micro-drop-off points in neighborhoods.