Experts in the supply chain, we have been supporting the logistics needs of our partners for 20 years. Located in Ile-de-France and on the Island of Reunion, Logsytech federates 6 subsidiaries, including an IT services company, 7 warehouses and a call center.

These structures work in synergy to enable us to meet the complex logistics challenges of marketing, telecom and e-commerce players.

Logsytech is the holding company for the six entities of the group. The head office, located on the same site as Optilog 1, gathers the majority of our support functions, namely the financial department, the HR, the call center, the design office and the communication.


We are part of the D Group, of which we are the logistics division. D Groupe consolidates 70M€ of turnover through its various subsidiaries of specialized transport, logistics, consulting and IT. D Groupe's core business is the transport, installation, configuration and reconditioning of large technical equipment. Our mission within the group is to develop B2B/B2C offers in retail logistics, particularly in the consumables and spare parts segments. The support of the group allows us to propose to our customers complementary and transverse offers.

Our business model

Multi-sector specialization
Decentralization of logistics sites
Generalist sites in internal competition
Pooling of support functions

We address our logistic services to three types of actors:

  • Telephone operators, internet service providers and connected object distributors.
  • Web merchants.
  • Marketing and sales departments for their POS (point of sale advertising), field marketing and event operations.


This diversification into three business lines is a deliberate strategy, as these seasonal activities are counter-cyclical, which allows us to smooth out the workload of our teams and the occupation of our warehouses, to encourage versatility and to spread the good practices and innovations initially developed for each business line.


This strategy has allowed us to develop a dual expertise in BtoB and BtoC supply chain.

Our key figures

160 employees

7 warehouses

4M shipments per year

20M€ of turnover

6 subsidiaries

30,000 m² of storage space

2 mechanized chains

3,000 calls per day handled by the call center